Room full of ideas.

From drawing desks to digital screens; Great things started from here.

Faculty of Creative Industries provides students with various laboratories and workshops.

The tools and equipment are well enhanced in order to fulfill the technological advancement.

Creativity is free.

Studios and Workshops

We provide hands-on activities and supportive creative environment for sharing insights through collaborative discussion and one-on-one tutorial with the experts.

kuliah fashion design di universitas surabaya


  1. Laboratorium Protomodel
  2. Laboratorium Fotografi
  3. Laboratorium Sewing
  4. Laboratorium Pattern Making
  5. Laboratorium CAD
  6. Laboratorium 3D & Jewelry Making
  7. Laboratorium Tekstil
  8. Laboratorium Kulit
  9. Teaching Industry
  10. Ubaya Sports Center
  11. Klinik